Introducing Skantlyn

You may or may not have heard of my other side to designthoughts, called Skantlyn. Well I have recently combined my surface pattern and bespoke illustration to designthoughts as from a few weeks ago. Previously Skantlyn had it’s own website, but I feel the move to designthoughts fits in much better with what I do.

To introduce Skantlyn further to you, it means ‘Pattern’ in the Cornish language and all of my designs starts off from drawing pen on paper for a more hand drawn look. From this the designs are scanned into the computer and digitally enhanced for a crisper look, and of course adding colour too.

If you aren’t familiar with what surface design is by the way, you probably see it on a daily basis but don’t always notice. If you have a mug that has a pattern on it, or motif or illustration that is surface design. Skantlyn designs its own illustrations and patterns that work well for a variety of uses including lifestyle products (cushions, material, gifts), apparel (tshirts, hoodies) to name a few. I am slowly introducing my range of designs onto print on demand sites such as RedbubbleZippi and Zazzle – the lurcher designs are already proving popular on these.

As well as my own range of products you can buy, I have also begun to licence my own range of patterns to buy through Patternbank which enables the customer to buy the pattern to use on their own products how they wish.

And finally, through Creative Market I am producing a range of designs and patterns as collections that the customer can buy to use how they want.

Don’t forget that through designthoughts graphic design and illustration I am always keen to hear from people wanting a bespoke illustration, whether to use for their company or for a one off design to celebrate an occasion, it’s always lovely to hear from you.

Phew busy but exciting times ahead.

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