Liz on Poldark!

So, I was excited to see myself on TV last night in Poldark, yes Poldark! (I am the one on the left by the way, looking somewhat miserable) but I finally had a close up hehe. I thought it would make an interesting post to talk about design in other forms today.

I took part as an extra last September in the third series of Poldark, and can now fully appreciate just what goes into TV production.

Take this scene for instance, for only a few seconds of footage, the attention to detail was really amazing to witness. When I had my wardrobe fitting the costume truck I stepped into was breathtaking to see all the costumes that had been made, all the different types of dresses and clothes that people would have worn back then, seeing all the colours and fabrics was incredible.

Then there was my hair and make up (and costume) constantly being tweaked to get it just right for the camera, to make the scene look as real as possible. It did take me a while to take all the grime off my face though haha.

The set itself all had to be designed to capture the essence of life in the late 1700’s early 1800’s, from the colours to the textures and so forth.

On set it really was really fun to be an extra, and although it was a long day, it went really quickly.

I think it’s important to recognise just how crucial of role design plays on a day to day basis, because as well as the actors doing their part on set, I think it’s what goes on behind the scenes with wardrobe, make up, set design etc..that really brings everything to life.

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