Wednesday Music

Hope you have had a good week, yes it’s that time again…’music in the studio’. This week has been even better for the music I have been listening to, as I have now created a playlist on Spotify that I am compiling as I am going, so the playlist will be updated regularly. And yes of course it will be a complete mixture of various styles of music, from chilled out stuff to funky music, rock etc.. If you are interested, the link is which you can follow.

Along to the ‘music in the studio’,  this week I am excited to say about a musician I found whilst listening to 6 music a few days ago. He is called ‘Hidden Orchestra’ and the particular album is called ‘Dawn Chorus’, it does take a few listens to get used to it, as it is quite different. Yet it is very clever in the sense that all the different instruments you hear with Hidden Orchestra were recorded separately and then brought together. This particular album features lots of various bird sounds, and yes they were all recorded too. The track I really love is called ‘Alyth’ as it reminds me of that of Bonobo.

Here is the track

Until next week.

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