I have started to write about songs being listened to in the designthoughts studio over on the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/designthoughts look out for it at some point in the day every Wednesday.

Music is important to us within the studio, as not only do we absolutely love music, but it helps us focus on projects and increase our creativity too :)
We thought that Wednesday would be a good day to update as to us Wednesday’s are milestone days that are leaning further towards the weekend (yay!) instead of the start of the week (boo). We’re trying to keep our facebook page more up to date with a mix of work we are up to, links that we find interesting, and of course music we listen to.

We will eventually start a spotify track list of songs we play, but for now we are posting the songs as youtube videos.
We at designthoughts love lots of different varieties of music, so if there is something that you could recommend to us to listen to, we would love to know :)

Have a good day