Okay, so we had our first ever market at the wonderful Cathedral City Markets, in Lemon Quay, Truro on Friday and Saturday 3rd and 4th June 2016. We had lots of fun meeting all the people and had some lovely comments about our stall. You may notice that it’s branded as Liz May designs? That’s our illustrative/surface pattern side to designthoughts which we decided to be a part of what we do, but a little bit different at the same time.

So to introduce Liz May designs at the market, we had some bright and eye catching banners produced, as well as some funky little signs to complete the look and add a bit of style to the stand. You will see on the stand just some of the gifts and items we sell for the home, which at the moment we sell at various markets and fairs around Cornwall, (check out our facebook page for details on these) and our Folksy shop, where we are constantly updating the page on there.

To give a bit of background on Liz May designs, all of the products produced are either printed (digitally or hand painted in the studio in Cornwall) or printed in the UK using fsc credited paper and vegetable inks on the cards for instance. All our designs are also initially drawn by hand (that’s right even our famous soldier pattern) and then taken onto the computer to produce a crisp look. Some of our more hand drawn looking designs are also drawn on the trusty graphic tablet we have in the studio. But whatever you buy from Liz May designs you can be rest assured that its exclusive to us!

Please watch this space as well, we always get requests at shows for our patterns to be put onto other items or for a specific pattern. For instance, at the show a couple of parents and children wanted dinosaur designs, so this may well be our next idea for a pattern, because who doesn’t love a dinosaur! :)

If you would like to commission a particular design or see anything in our shop that you would like to stock please email liz@designthoughts.co.uk or call 07732103597